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The AWH SERVIS was founded in 1991, when three workers of defunct companies were looking for a better future. This is how a photographer, electrical engineer and engineer of optical devices joined forces and founded a small business on what was a suburb of Prague at that time. The initial capital was 12.000 Kčs and the company’s name was taken from the “calling sign” of one of the founders, a passionate radio amateur.

At the beginning, we were not any different from other repair shops. We did not have a specified profile and we took all commissions which were offered by the local market. Apart from repairs the company also offered photographic merchandise, photographic services and video recordings. However our goal became to create a top quality work environment for the repairing of optical, electronic and mechanical devices used in photography. In our cooperation we focused on important suppliers, who in the early 1990’s were beginning to enter the Czech market. We therefore served their need to have a “support point” and good representative for their products on the local market.

In 1992 AWH SERVIS still did not have a substantial financial capital and had only a limited array of equipment and devices. in 1993 the company significantly reduced the number of services it offered and re-orientated itself to provided only repair serviced to contracted partners. A regional network of collection points was established and the company moved to a bigger facility. In 1993 we also established the first direct contacts manufacturers of photographic equipment. Along with this we also started a phase of developing European work standards, gaining advice from already established businesses abroad and we computerized our work agenda.

In 1994, the first contract with an official representative of a manufacturer was signed. This was then followed by a period of waiting for an advancement of business activities of our partners on the Czech market. In regard to our business we also has to invest significant amounts of money into the innovation of the service technology. The long awaited turning-point came in 1995 when our partners saw a significant increase in their business activities, which in turn also lead to a higher need for our services and an opportunity to make further improvements in our service technology. We once again moved to a bigger facility in order to need the growing demands of the customer.

In 1999, our company was able to gain the trust of other importers of photographic technology and in the same year the existing contract conditions were changed. Along with this the number of manufacturers with who we began to cooperate also grew. Furthermore there was an increase in the pentional customers and an improvement of services offered to them. These factors all led to an improvements in the work process and in the education of our workers. The year 2000 can be regarded as a year of stability within the company. A growing demand on customer services and a need for a more representative company facility led to led us to the current address on the Vinohrady section of Prague. With regard to the increase in the quality of communication, technological standards and qualification requirements linked to the processing of commissions, we decided to close down all collection points. AWH SERVIS therefore has only one collection point in Brno for the entire Moravian-Silesian region. This rational move was also prompted by the improvement of postal services in the Czech Republic. Our new facility was adapted to European professional, hygienic and communication standards. These core changes enabled us to create a good base the advancement of production and modernization of communication, which in turn let to better access for customers and visitors. In the last four years AHW SERVIS has become a dynamic company with an optimal size. Our company has all the professional qualities of a businesses in the European Union.

However, there is still room for improvement. The period till the year 2012 is the period when we have aligned our technical, lingual and communication abilities with our partner service centres in Europe, as well as in overseas. By investing into training, technical equipment and rationalization of work, we respond not only to the increasing requirements of our customers, bust also to the increasing demands of our partners.

In order to stabilize the business, and to protect common interests of our customers, our partners, as well as the service shop, Mr. Michal Spevák decided to join his company AWH SERVIS with the company ABRON, s. r. o., of which he 100% owner. Therefore, since the first January 2013, the services under the make AWH SERVIS are being operated by the company ABRON in unchanged extent, and we strongly believe also in constantly increasing quality, as has been our standard also till this time.

We will do our best, and what is in our power, to compete today also in international competition, and to be a worthy representative of Czech technical craft and decent business.


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