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Warranty Repairs

We accept only brands we are authorized to repair. The conditions for warranty repairs are given for products bought in the Czech Republic by the Czech legal code. For products bought outside the Czech Republic in the EU directives are applied. When the conditions for a warranty repair are met, the repairs costs are charged to the manufacturer.

We recommend that the client get to know the warranty conditions when purchasing the product.

A) Warranty conditions for products bought in the Czech Republic

The right for warranty repairs without costs – the need for repairs within a warranty period have to be proven by the consumer – the client has to present a valid warranty certificate.
Warning: Warranty conditions for products bought for the purposes of commercial entities (companies) differ from conditions that apply to private individuals.

The warranty certificate The warranty certificate must contain 1, date of purchase 2, legible stamp of the shop 3,signature of the sales person 4,the complete name of the product 5,manufacuring code number of the product.
The warranty period of the product is elongated by the period when the product is in warranty repair.
Any product whose warranty certificate does not have all of the above-mentioned information will not be accepted by the workshop or the repair will cost the same as for a regular product without a warranty certificate. A warranty is valid according to the conditions stated by the manufacturer or an authorized importer in the Czech Republic in accordance to the legal code.
Any modification of the original warranty certificate is not acceptable. If the client himself on the warranty certificate makes any modifications, the warranty certificate is immediately handed over to the person who issued the warranty certificate for legal processing.

B) Warranty conditions for products bought within the European Union.

General Conditions

  • A correctly processed warranty certificate with an original of the purchasing document.
  • Warranty period for a product is 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • The client always pays for the costs linked with the transportation of the product to from the workshop.
  • The client is responsible for securing all software information including data in the device.
  • This warranty does not have any influence on the legal rights of the consumer in the country where the product was purchased (see Basic Differences.)

Documents needed for the recognition of the international Canon EWS warranty certificate

For the recognition of a warranty within the EWS, the client has to present an original of the purchasing document, which shows where and when the faulty product was purchased. An original of the EWS warranty certificate has to be presented along with the purchasing document. EWS warranty certificate has to contain:

  • Name and address of the customer.
  • Name and address of the sales person.
  • A model of the product and the manufacturing code (if available on the product).
  • Date of purchase.

Any warranty certificate does not have the above mentioned information is not valid.

A warranty does not apply to:

  • Regular maintenance checks or repairs associated with the usage of a device.
  • Consumer material.
  • Software.
  • Faults caused by personal modifications of the device or an unprofessional manipulation with the device.
  • Firmware upgrade- (upgrading of the device.)
  • A change in the specification or modification of a device in a certain country.
  • Faults caused by non-standard manipulation or manipulation, which is not mentioned in the user manual.
  • Faults, which have been, cause through by corrosion, dirt, water (humidity), dust or sand.
  • Faults, which have been caused by workshops other than those authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Faults, which have been caused by use of non-standard material or appliances, which are not original.
  • Mechanical damage, which has been caused by letting the device, falls, hitting it or unsuitable transportation.

Basic differences between EWS and general warranty conditions offered by Czech dealers within the law for the protection of the consumer 40/1964 Sb., civil code for the consumer.

  • The warranty period is not 24 months
  • The 30-day limit for the completion of a repair is not valid.
  • The importer does not pay for the transportation of a device to/from the warranty repair workshop.
  • Repairs are not accepted only on the basis of a valid warranty certificate. (See Documents needed.)

C) Warranty conditions for products bought outside the European Union.

The manufacturer generally states the warranty conditions and it is in the best interest of the customer to get to know them.

We recommend, that the customer get to know the territorial boundaries of the warranty certificate, which is given to him when purchasing the device. It is also important that the manufacturer and not a commercial entity issue the warranty certificate. The warranty certificate of the manufacturer has a logo and signature from the manufacturer.

In case the warranty certificate has international (Worldwide)Validity or includes even Europe, then conditions are the same as the EWS. Therefore for European warranty certificates.

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