Authorized Repair for
Photographic and Video Equipments

Order monitoring:

General conditions

Accepting an order

When a device is accepted for repairs an entry about it is made into the handover protocol - the repair sheet. After an agreement, the planned date of completion and an estimated repair cost is set. Every repair sheet has a unique code number, a description of the device and its accessories, which have been given for repairs including the manufacturing number. Also included is a description of the repairs wanted.

The repair sheet during the final handover contains the same data as when the device was accepted for repairs and also a simplified description of the detected fault, a description of the work done, the date of the completion of the order, the date of the handover of the device, the cost of work, cost of used materials and the cost of postage and packing if relevant.

Cost of Work

Work done on accepted orders is charged on an hourly basis. Every started ˝ hour is charged.

The cost of work done can change with the economic situation in the workshop.

The current prices are shown in the workshop. The sum charged is that which is valid at the time when the order is agreed on. Contracted partners and companies are charged on the basis of a written financial agreement.


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Overstepping the Budget

If needed the workshop is authorized to exceed the agreed limit without prior notice of the client by 20% in a budget under 1.000 Kč and by 10% in a budget over 1.000 Kč.

Analysis of Technical state

In the case of orders where the budget cannot be set at the time when the order is commissioned the customer is informed about the budget in written form. In the case the order is cancelled the device is handed given back to the client. (It is sent to the given address). In this case the client is charged for an analysis of the technical state of the device. (1/2 work according the given category). Also charged are postage and packaging costs. This is particularly done in the case of orders, which are sent by post or are not brought to the workshop personally by the client.

Faulty Spare Parts

Faulty old spare parts are returned to the client only when requested at the time when the order is being agreed on.

Warranty of Repair

The workshop has a 6-month warranty period on the work done. The warranty is valid from the date when the client is handed over his/her order. There is a 24-month warranty on the new spare parts used in the repairs.

Storage of Repaired Devices

A repaired device is stored for a maximum period of 6 months. After this time period it is possible to sell this uncollected device and use the financial sum derived to cover the repair costs.

Photographic Material and Media

Photographic material inside devices, which are given for repairs, can be damaged or destroyed. The workshop does not take responsibility for the camera films, digital media or other material which is in devices at the time when given for repairs.

Duration of Repairs

The duration of repairs is agreed upon at the time when the order is taken. If during the repairs it is necessary to change spare parts, which are not available in the workshop, the order is returned to the client without repairs. If it is possible to obtain these spare parts for the client the workshop will do so. The duration of the repairs is then prolonged by till the supplier or manufacturer is able to provide the needed spare parts.

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