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Photographic and Video Equipments

Order monitoring:

Sending your order to us

Dear customers,

For acceptance of orders through an intermediary General Conditions are valid.

Service Conditions

Accepting orders for repairs and their handover back to the client is done in person.

  • If the client decides to put a device for repairs or to take it back through the postal service conditions valid are the same. General Conditions are valid. When using an intermediary the client faces certain risks.
  • When accepting an order through an intermediary the administrative process is the same as when dealing with a client directly. The order is checked and an entry is made about its contents. After the order is checked, a letter or e-mail is sent to the client with information about the accepted order (Including the code number of the order, description of the device, expected period of repair and cost of the repair.) If not stated otherwise the repair shop will send the order back through the intermediary (post). The description of the faults in the device is added to the order is not binding for the repair shop. The technical analysis of the device made by the repair shop is valid though.

We recommend that when sending an order through the post it should include...

  • A list of sent accessories, covers, straps accumulators etc...
  • A valid address of the client, a phone number where the client can be reached during the day and an email address.
  • A description of the fault or dysfunction of the device and if possible a picture, film or other material which can further explain the fault of the device.
  • In the case of a repair within a warranty period a warranty certificate .The warranty certificate will be returned with the device.

We further recommend order should be sent through a reliable company and if possible insured.

  • When the client collects his repaired device in person at the repair shop he has the possibility to check that the required repairs have been made and that the device is fully functional. This possibility is not always possible when a postal service is used.
  • Even though repairs, which are made, are checked twice before the device is handed back to the client, there can still be a mistake made which is only evident when the device is handed over back to the client.

We recommend when a client gets back his order after repairs through the post the order should immediately be checked if all components are complete and that the required repairs have been made.

Sending orders at the expenses of the repair shop

If the order is for a warranty repair, the client may send a device using collect on delivery service within the Czech Republic. Thus forwarding costs are paid by the recipient, in this case by AWH SERVIS upon the acceptance of the order. The cost will be charged to the particular importer to the Czech Republic or directly to the manufacturer.

Dear customers, we recommend to do so only with warranty repairs. In case and the service accepts an order sent by collect on delivery for a non-warranty repair, all the costs will be added to the price of a paid order, including wrapping and handling fee.

Orders sent as warranty orders but evaluated by the repair shop as non-warranty (for example – a damage caused by improper device handling etc.) an estimated price of the repair, if worthwhile at all, will be proposed to the client. If the client approves the price estimated it will be preceded further as originally a paid order. If the client does not approve the price estimated, the order will be returned to the customer at the cost of wrapping and post fees to the service and back – more information in the General Conditions section in the opening.

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